The Freenet Message System is a reference specification for newsgroup like communication inside of Freenet. Every identity in the system has their own SSK in which their communications are posted. At the heart of FMS is a trust system which determines which identities a user will poll for communications.

FMS is designed to be simple and not have dependencies on complex external libraries, so that anyone can create a client in any language and ensure compatibility with clients written in other languages. All FMS communications are contained in XML files.

Currently, the specification can be considered a draft. The goal is to create a complete specification and a reference implementation in C++. Constructive comments and suggestions about the system are encouraged. Please use the fms board "fms" to post such comments. Any discovered vulnerabilities can be communicated by encrypting a message using my GPG key and posting it in a public place in an emergency.

FMS is not:
  • A file sharing system
  • An instant messaging system
  • A private messaging system