The following files are for a reference implementation of FMS programmed in C++
Users unfamiliar with FMS should read and follow the Quick Start Guide contained in the binary and source archives, as well as the Unoficial Guide to FMS.

Source : - You must read the readme.txt before compiling
Windows Installer : FMS-0.3.82-win32-installer.exe
Windows 32 bit Binary :
Windows 64 bit Binary :
Windows users MUST install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 files before running the binary or plugin.
Linux x86 Binary : fms-linux-x86-bin-0.3.82.tar.gz
Linux amd64 Binary : fms-linux-amd64-bin-0.3.82.tar.gz
Linux armhf Binary : fms-linux-armhf-bin-0.3.82.tar.gz
Experimental Freenet plugin : fms-plugin-0.3.82.jar - Contains 32 and 64 bit binaries for Windows and Linux and armhf binaries for Linux. Other platforms will have to compile the plugin for their system.

Mercurial Repository

There is a Mercurial repository of FMS located here :
See the pyFreenetHg site for details on using Mercurial with Freenet.
You may need to apply this patch to pyFreenetHg to get it to work with recent versions of Mercurial.

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