What name do I enter in my newsgroup client configuration?
The same name that you typed in when you created a new identity.
Why does Thunderbird show new messages, but when I click on the group they disappear?
Thunderbird is overestimating the number of messages in the group based on the highest message id and lowest message id that FMS sends. This happens on regular internet NNTP servers as well.
I am using a new FMS database, and now my newsgroup client isn't showing a lot of messages or isn't showing messages at all. Why?
Your newsgroup client has cached the message information from the previous FMS database, which is now invalid. You need to clear the newsgroup cache of your news client.
Why am I not seeing my posted messages immediately?
You retrieve your own messages the same way you retrieve everyone else's. You must wait for FMS to find them and download them.
Why is my hard disk constantly accessing data?
If FMS is starting up, and you have the VACUUM option set, FMS will be CPU and disk intensive for a while until the VACUUM operation completes. It could also be a combination of applications running on the computer, especially Freenet, that causes lots of disk activity. XFS is also known to have poor performance with SQLite.
My identity was announced, but now it is showing that it is not announced. What happened?
You can become unannounced either because you haven't posted or been seen in a while, or the identities that you are downloading trust lists from have been inactive or purged from your database. Make sure you are trusting a few identities' trust lists above the minimum level, and make sure you post once in a while to remain announced.