Trust System

I will refer to other users of the system as "peers." You may assign each peer that is known to you a trust value. The minimum trust level is 0 and maximum trust level is 100. The default trust value is 50.

Each peer has the option to periodically insert their trust list into the network, as do you. You will periodically retrieve the trust lists of your known peers who are publishing them. If you have assigned that peer a trust level of >=(configured value), its weighted trust list will be used to calculate a total trust list for each known peer in the trust list. The trust level you give to the peer will be used as the weighting percentage for the calculation. 0=no weighting, 100=full weighting.


This demonstrates calculation of 1 of the trust levels. This calculation would need to be performed for both the message trust level and the trust list trust level.

Set up

You have the configuration option set to ignore the trust lists of peers that have a trust level less than 60
You give peer A a trust level of 100.
You give peer B a trust level of 55.
You give peer C a trust level of 75.
You give peer D a trust level of 80.
You retrieve the latest trust list from each peer who is publishing it and is currently above your minimum ignore level.

Peer A trusts B 100
Peer A trusts C 30
Peer A trusts D 90
You don't download a trust list from Peer B
Peer C trusts A 70
Peer C trusts B 40
Peer C trusts D 70
Peer D doesn't publish a trust list


MyTrustLevel = trust level I gave to the peer who is suppling the trust list
Weighting = MyTrustLevel/100.0
Peer Trust Level = SUM(TrustLevel*Weighting)/SUM(Weighting)

Peer A trust level
Peer Weighting TrustLevel Weighting*Level
B - - -
C .75 70 52.5
D - - -
Totals .75 52.5
Peer Trust Level = 52.5/.75 = 70

Peer B trust level
Peer Weighting TrustLevel Weighting*Level
A 1 100 100
C .75 40 30
D - - -
Totals 1.75 130
Peer Trust Level = 130/1.75 = 74

Peer C trust level
Peer Weighting TrustLevel Weighting*Level
A 1 30 30
B - - -
D - - -
Totals 1 30
Peer Trust Level = 30/1 = 30

Peer D trust level
Peer Weighting TrustLevel Weighting*Level
A 1 90 90
B - - -
C .75 70 52.2
Totals 1.75 142.2
Peer Trust Level = 142.2/1.75 = 81

Final peer trust levels
Peer My Trust Level Peer Trust Level
A 100 70
B 55 74
C 75 30
D 80 81